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We are a professional and a progressive team


                                          About US

A boutique firm, providing effective Business & Management Consultancy services. Working to save businesses, explore options and find alternative solutions.

AS Ltd is based on the vision of “Turning Dreams into Reality”. AS Ltd is led by the team of professionals and is aimed to provide business & management consultancy to Sole Traders, SME’s, Entrepreneurs, HNWI, Investors, Developers and Joint Venture partners.   

Our Services include:

  • Company formation and establishment support
  • Business plan formation, implementation and monitoring support
  • Accountancy Support
  • HR Support
  • Investment/ Funding Support Joint Venter Support
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Support Networking Support (Investors/ Funders/ HNWI/ Customers)
  • Business development

We expertise in UHNW professional introductions. We are passionate about bringing global ideas together. Delivering and guaranteeing a high level service so solutions are trusted to execute that special project.

"Working with privileged families of exceptional wealth" brings both reward and complexity. We are a bespoke, discreet and private introductions facilitator for UHNWI’s and their families.

We bring information flows and data together in a manageable way and establish clear rules for decision making, remaining in control at all times through a simple review process. Through our trusted network we guarantee privileged access to exclusive business opportunities and round-the-clock executive lifestyle support.

Our track record is impeccable, brokering highly complex and sensitive deals and ensuring that the right people are included in the mix to 'close the deal'. and we only deal through established contacts and a vetted global network of private individuals, families and professional advisors.

We also specialities in assisting Property Development, Residential & Commercial Sales and Brokerage including Investment, Hotels Sales & Acquisitions, refinancing, forward funding and forward purchasing student accommodation, art purchasing and arranging, development opportunities, Solutions always available


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AS Ltd Business & Management Consultants