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Our Services

Business Support

  • Business Plan
  • Accountancy Support
  • HR Support
  • Business Development


  • Funding Assistance
  • Investors' Assistance
  • JV Assistance

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Support

  • Business Plan
  • Visa Application Support
  • Post Visa Business Support

Networking/ BDM

  • HNWI Networking
  • Investors Networking
  • Business Development

We can help you

AS Ltd is based on the vision of “Turning Dreams into Reality”.

AS Ltd is led by the team of professionals and is aimed to provide business & management consultancy to Sole Traders, SME’s, Entrepreneurs, HNWI, Investors, Developers and Joint Venture partners.   

We are committed to provide quality services under affordable prices. We are flexible, and our services are customised as per the requirements of the clients. We believe in giving personalised attention to each and every client as every client is different in terms of their scope of work and their requirements.


We believe in professionalism and we feel proud that integrity, moral & ethical values are embedded into the culture of our consultancy firm.

Our Services include:

  • Company formation and establishment support
  • Business plan formation, implementation and monitoring support
  • Accountancy Support
  • HR Support
  • Investment/ Funding Support Joint Venter Support
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Support
  • Networking Support (Investors/ Funders/ HNWI/ Customers)
  • Business development


“AS Ltd has been an excellent resource for Business Consultancy. They were quick to understand our processes & needs and tailored their services accordingly. They were well focused and followed their given flow of work and timelines as mentioned in the engagement letter. Their team worked professionally, and we were impressed with the professionalism, integrity and transparency of work performed by AS Ltd. Will surely prefer to have their services in future and will recommend AS Ltd to others ". (Eva Andrew)


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